Sun City Resort

Sun City Resort
Sun City Resort
Sun City Resort
Sun City Resort
Sun City Resort
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🥇Tripadvisor’s Rating: 4.0

🥇Customer’s Rating: 2.2

🥇Our Rating: 3.1

About Sun City Resort
A luxurious and all-inclusive resort with a casino, water park, golf courses, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Suitable for:
Families with children, those looking for a luxurious and all-inclusive resort experience, golfers.

Not suitable for:
Budget-conscious travelers or those seeking a quiet and intimate atmosphere.

Top Factors from Customer Reviews

Next, we will uncover the positive and negative aspects of Sun City Resort, based on reviews and personal experiences of users, providing valuable insights for potential customers.

Negative Factors

FactorFrequencyExample Quotes
Service22– “Stay from hell. It was a horrid couple of days. … The staff at the cabanas were so rude and we would wait for a shuttle for an 1 hour, buses were empty but refused to take us.” – “The staff in general was very cold and made us feel that we were putting them out every time we spoke to anyone.”
Price15– “Prices are set quite high to only be comfortable to those operating in the top 1%, or foreign visitors with dollar/pound/euro denominations.” – “Sun City is very expensive for the South Africans.”
Maintenance12– “The entire property was in a state of disrepair – from the peeling surface of the wave pool to the separating tiles of the Cascades pool to the cracking paint and surfaces in the hotel room bathroom.” – “Sun City is going backwards rapidly. We were shocked. We stayed in the Presidential suite at Soho hotel. The bed was rock hard. The jacuzzi was green…”
Crowds8– “The Valley of the Waves was packed and the vibe was really awesome.” – “It gets quite busy and rows get long.”

Positive Factors

FactorFrequencyExample Quotes
Activities18– “Sun City Resort is a great weekend or midweek break with lots to do including Sun Central…” – “There is so much to do, see and experience in South Africa…”
Family-Friendly14– “Sun City is a very nice venue for a peaceful holiday.” – “Great family vacation. Unlimited activities for kids…”
Location10– “Beautiful place, still asking myself who came up with this ‘SunCity’ idea.” – “Nestled in the Pilansberg Mountains , Sun City is truely Africas greatest resort…”
Entertainment8– “Sun City is a city you cant forget in a heartbeat, its a world within a #city filled with adventure, quests, fun…” – “Sun City Resort is the biggest playground for young and old in South Africa.”

Address and Contacts

AddressR556, Sun City, 0316, South Africa
Opening HoursVaries by game type
Phone+27 14 557 3663